1.    To act as a Nodal Agency and an Apex organisation in the State for advising and disseminating Remote Sensing Technology, Geographic Information System and related technologist to various user Departments/Agencies in the State.

2.    To promote and diffuse knowledge in the area of Remote Sensing Applications and Geographic Information System (GIS) in various field of developmental activities undertaken by the Government of Mizoram/other Agencies.

3.    To co-ordinate, interact and collaborate with other remote sensing organizations in the country and various user Departments/Agencies in the State to identify, formulate, initiate, promote undertake and implement projects related to Remote Sensing Application and GIS in different fields of developmental activity.

4.    To provide useful information on natural resources as an input to the socio-economic development activities in the State.

5.    To provide facilities for interpretation and analysis of Air borne as well as Space borne remotely sensed database to Government, Semi-Government and other organizations in various usable forms.

6.    To provide Consultancy Service for preparation of project report on utilization and harnessing of natural resources using remote sensing technology.

7.    To provide information and documentation facilities in remote sensing, disseminate information and furnish result of remote sensing investigations in suitable forms.